Location: Los Angeles, California
Building Type: Single Family Residential
Construction Type: Steel Construction
Project Phase: Under Construction
Year of Construction: 2024
Gross Square Footage: 3500
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Project Team

Architect: PARAVANT Architects
General Contractor: M. Bacaloni
Passive House Certifier: Home Energy Services
Passive House Consultant: Christian Kienapfel
Project Submitted by: Christian Kienapfel


Project Description

New two-story single-family residence with roof deck located in the City of Los Angeles in close proximity to the Santa Monica Airport, California. The passive house is designed by PARAVANT Architects and is currently under construction.
The residential building is constructed entirely with structural steel and metal decking topped with concrete. Continuous insulation is applied on the exterior walls covered with a curtain wall system. Insulation is applied on the roof deck. All penetrations on the roof deck and the cantilever balcony connection feature a thermal insulation material made by Fabreeka.

More information can be found on project website or at PARAVANT Architects or PASSIVE HOUSE LA

Team: Marco Bacaloni, Frank Maldonado, Siavosh Sepanta, Halil Dolan

Photo Credit: Mariana Meletti Veras, Christian Kienapfel