Location: Chicago, Illinois
Building Type: Single Family Residential
Construction Type: Other
Project Phase: Complete
Year of Construction: 1885
Gross Square Footage: 3723
PHPP Verification: Download
Additional Info: Click Here

Project Team

General Contractor: Kenwood Construction
Developer/Owner: Michael Conners
Passive House Certifier: Peel Passive House
Project Submitted by: Michael Conners

Project Description

This is a highly documented PHI certification project. www.kenwoodpassivhaus.com. We are in the PHI database. We maintain the Kenwood website to provide a resource for interested persons. This page provides several links to source documents. This is an 1885 “shell-up” reconstruction with a new construction addition that doubled the TSF over four levels. It’s extremely comfortable, quiet and dust free. Our actual consumption is greater than the PHPP model. However, the interior temp is always 70F. I’ve demonstrated that our actual consumption is ~ 5 kWh PSF v. 41 kWh PSF for a “average Chicago household” based on Gov data. I’ve lived in the house for nearly two years. I compile hourly consumption data as provided by Comed.