Location: San Luis Obispo, California
Building Type: Single Family Residential
Construction Type: Wood Construction
Project Phase: Under Construction
Year of Construction: 2021
Gross Square Footage: 3117
PHPP Verification: Download

Project Team

Architect: Cairn Collaborative
General Contractor: Cairn Collaborative
Project Submitted by: Michael Horgan


Project Description

Bishop House is a one-story single-family residence located near Bishop’s Peak. The project is all-electric and built to the Passive House Standard. The project incorporates a few key components necessary to achieve the goals of Passive House. The home has continuous insulation throughout the living area and is an airtight construction assembly. These details ensure a more resilient shelter that maintains consistent interior temperature and comfort levels. The home subsequently requires only a small amount of space conditioning. Additionally, the project uses a balanced fresh-air-exchange ventilation system to ensure comfortable, clean, indoor air quality. The home is expected to use a small fraction of the energy of the average newly-constructed home in California – approximately 85% less. During the design process, conscious decisions were made to choose building materials and finishes that would reduce harmful off-gassing and that were made from recycled materials.

Photo Credit: Michael Horgan