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Passive House West Los Angeles

New two-story single-family residence with roof deck located in the City of Los Angeles in close proximity to the Santa Monica Airport, California. The passive house is designed by PARAVANT Architects and is currently under construction.
The residential building is constructed entirely with structural steel and metal decking topped with concrete. Continuous insulation is applied on the exterior walls covered with a curtain wall system. Insulation is applied on the roof deck. All penetrations on the roof deck and the cantilever balcony connection feature a thermal insulation material made by Fabreeka.

More information can be found on project website or at PARAVANT Architects or PASSIVE HOUSE LA

Team: Marco Bacaloni, Frank Maldonado, Siavosh Sepanta, Halil Dolan

Single Family SB9 & ADU

Two-story single-family residence with ADU is located in West Los Angeles, California by PARAVANT Architects. This project is part of a SB-9 development per the new State of California regulations in order to create more residential units addressing the housing shortage within the City of Los Angeles. The building is designed to meet the International Passive House Standard and is intending certification with the International Passive House Institute.

This project is designed by PARAVANT Architects.

Team: Siavosh Sepanta, Frank Maldonado

Passive House Los Angeles (PHLA+)

Passive House Los Angeles (PHLA+) is located in Culver City, California a bustling independent city in West Los Angeles near the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Marina Del Rey, the beach cities of Santa Monica, Venice, Malibu, and close to Beverly Hills. PHLA+ is the first newly built certified Passive House Plus in Los Angeles and among the first Passive Houses built in Southern California. The home has received awards from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and USGBC Los Angeles since completion.

PHLA+ is a project designed by PARAVANT Architects strategically planned to showcase the international passive house construction standard. This includes demonstrating the back-end technologies, comfort, indoor air quality, high energy efficiency, and sustainable building practices.

A small photovoltaic system combined with a storage battery keeps the house electrically self-performing even during a black-out. Passive House LA is a Zero Net Energy (ZNE) home and it turns out after the first year of operation of this all electric building it is producing more energy than it uses being a Plus Energy Home.

PHLA+ is located on a duplex lot, infill site, and is comprised of 1,750 sq.ft. of living area with an additional large deck area over the carport. Large windows provide sufficient natural light and a connection between indoor and outdoor living even with this home’s limited views. Exterior fully automated venetian blinds reduce heat gain, glare, effectively keeping the house cooler and comfortable. The entire building envelope including airtightness, windows, exterior wall systems and insulation are combined to produce significant energy cost savings not possible with conventional building practices.

Superior indoor air quality is provided around the clock via a fresh air system with air filters and heat-recovery ventilation (HRV).